Precision engineered bespoke modular solutions

AMOVEO is a vertically integrated Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Development Manager specialising in Precision Engineered Bespoke Modular Solutions for the Construction and Development Industry. 

We achieve amazing results through relentless attention to detail and end to end control of the project supply chain. At Amoveo best practice is always sought over compliance through intelligent design and specification and a never ending evolution of new techniques materials and methodologies. Our modular products, techniques and methodologies offer huge time, cost and environmental benefits to each and every project. We are revolutionising the way projects are being conceived and executed in.



The Amoveo team has the skills and background to manage and oversee every aspect of a project from:

  • Site acquisition

  • Feasibility studies

  • Funding

  • Planning and managing consultants

  • Council applications

  • Building approvals and certification

  • Construction management

  • Project management

  • Development management

  • Construction

  • Modularisation

  • Factory based construction

  • Conventional (on-site) construction

  • Logistics and transport

  • Conventional and modular tie together and make good

  • Sales and marketing

  • Commissioning

  • Final certification

  • Settlement and handover



What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is an off site form of construction that is generally factory built in a controlled environment to guarantee maximum precision, quality and attention to detail. Amoveo constructs its Precision Engineered Bespoke Modular Solutions in the factory environment to control Quality, Safety, Latent conditions, disruption to neighbours and most importantly time and cost. By being able to control all of these elements Amoveo can deliver its high rise projects in a fraction of the time that fully conventional system is capable of. This is our competitive edge and the reason that we have the ability to unlock difficult and previously undevelopable sites around the globe.


Does a modulular solution work for all projects?

Modular construction like any system or method has strengths and weaknesses, obviously it makes sense to tailor the modular solution to the correct type and style of project for maximum benefits to ultimate outcome. Below is a list of buildings that play to modular constructions strengths.

  • High rise towers for these applications

  • Hotels
  • Student accomodation
  • Social housing
  • Residential appartments
  • Low rise applications
  • Residential town homes
  • Emergency accomodation
  • Student accomodation
  • Holiday and eco-cabins


What is Modularisation?

All of these project types need to be purpose designed to work efficiently and provide the most effective outcome. We call the adaption of building design from conventional to modular MODULARISATION. Its during this redesign process that we flush out the bulk of the issues and bring as many benefits and efficiencies to the project as possible.





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