About Us

Amoveo is an Australian owned modular building company. Our experience results in an understanding of remote buildings, large projects, community sensitivities and compliance requirements. We have the resources in place to anticipate and avert challenges.


Amoveo’s aim is to ensure customer’s requirements are met and maintained.


Our modular solutions are used by mining companies, construction sites, Indigenous/affordable housing groups and caravan parks. However, the innovative and versatile nature of the product means that new markets and uses are constantly emerging.


Amoveo can provide modular solution which encompasses design, engineering, manufacture in a safe,compliant and effective manner.


The distribution network, which operates throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and New Zealand, works closely with each customer to create a comprehensive solution that meets specific requirements.


Amoveo’s wide network of affiliated companies gives Amoveo the scope to achieve the best outcomes for customers.


Portable Accommodatiaon Portable Accommodatiaon

Compliance Focused Design

  • Compliance managent for australian building and design of pre-fabricated housing and units
  • Procurement compliance offshore
  • Project management of multi-volume units of pre-fabricated housing
  • After sales and contractural support
  • Project development